Law Firms and Cyber Risk
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CyberSecurity Frameworks (A Gist): Risk Management

In general, the two main buckets into which CyberSecurity frameworks fall are, Risk Management and Internal Controls.

Industrial Vs. Economic Espionage

According to the September Concierge Report from MindStar Profiling & Security, the difference between industrial and economic espionage is subtle yet significant. 

CNAP Series, Episode 2: CyberSecurity/IT Acquisition Best Practices

The CyberSecurity National Action Plan, or CNAP, is a strategy implemented by President Obama in February of 2016.

SY110: A Publicly Accessible College Level Introduction to CyberSecurity

We learned about a publicly available, Intro to CyberSecurity course framework at the U.S. Naval Academy from two of our distinguished panelists, Ensign Zac Dannelly and Ensign Bill Young

Cybersecurity Education and Training: A National Priority, Webcast Panel

WhiteHawk Founder Terry Roberts, hosted a double panel episode on CybersecurityTV by TV Worldwide, featuring various experts in cybersecurity training and education.

Joint Service Academy Cyber Summit

Even though I am not a Naval Academy (USNA) graduate (women could not attend the Service Academies when I graduated from High School), I have been informally associated with the Naval Academy for d

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