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Florida teen, two others charged in Twitter hack; breach of celebrity accounts

Authorities have charged three suspects for the recent cyber-attacks on celebrity Twitter accounts in a scam that requested bitcoin from followers.

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11 spies in the modern technology landscape

CTOvision’s Bob Gourley breaks down both the legal along with the criminal threats to your privacy; so that you can raise awareness and protect your data.


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Six takeaways to protect your social media account

Last week a significant number of verified accounts on Twitter were hacked. Normshield identifies the following takeaways this incident should teach us about protecting our online identity. 

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WhiteHawk Top 12 Cyber & Risk Analytics Companies

Our virtual magazine, with one pagers on each company/solution is consistently formatted so you or your team can easily review them and find capability areas with key supporting solution, impact an

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Fireside Chat
Advancing Digital Literacy and Cyber-Oriented Education Conference Video


See the full discussion from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission's Fireside Chat.

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CMMC Forum
The Role of the DIB in Countering Adversary Activity

Last Wednesday, WhiteHawk CEO and Founder, Terry Roberts participated in a panel in the Potomac Officer’s Club CMMC Forum.

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