Law Firms and Cyber Risk
The Roberts Report provides the best in breed advice and information on how to secure your Law Firm. For further support, or for questions about vendor risk options, please contact WhiteHawk’s Consulting Services at consultingservices@whitehawk.com

Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (CISCP)

CISCP is the DHS flagship program that is about sharing critical cyber risk information between DHS and enterprises. Read about it today!

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Law Firms and Cyber Risk: A Non-Technical Guide to Mitigating Risks From Cyber Crime & Fraud

This report provides an in-depth perspective on cyber crime and fraud risks that small and midsize law firms and legal offices face today.

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CTOvision.com: Good Cybersecurity is Not Glamorous

CTOvision is part of WhiteHawk's Partner Content and is an online reference that writes about technology. Read their fantastic article about how "Good Cybersecurity is Not Glamorous" today!

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April 2018 Concierge Security Report: Disaster Preparedness and Planning

Read the April 2018 report about Disaster Planning by Mindstar Security & Profiling.

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Targeting: From the Perspective of the Cyber Attacker

May 2017 Concierge Security Report: "Targeting: From the Perspective of the Cyber Attacker".

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Identity Theft Part II: The Criminal Enterprise

Read the "cheatsheet" report on Identity Theft by Mindstar Security and Profiling.

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