WhiteHawk Annual General Meeting Registration Notice

Thank you for your interest in joining our 2020 Virtual AGM. In light of their recently updated security protocols, this year’s AGM will be held via Zoom Web Conference and all interested parties need to register to gain access to the meeting. Please see link below.

As feasible, we request that you submit any questions you may have using the Questions & Comments area, on the registration form. In this way, we can effectively address a breadth of Questions, vice missing key questions submitted during the meeting due to the AGM time constraints. Once you are registered, you will receive event details via email which will include steps on how to join the meeting online or by telephone. If you have any questions regarding the event, please click here to contact us.

Meeting Information

Thursday May 21, 2020, 9:00 AM Australian Sydney Time. Click here to register.

WhiteHawk Limited is the first global online cybersecurity exchange enabling small-to-medium businesses to take smart action against cyber-crime and fraud.

Launched in 2016, WhiteHawk CEC, Inc began as an cybersecurity advisory service with a vision to develop the first self service cyber security marketplace simplifying how businesses discover, decide, and purchase cyber security solutions. Today, we help US and Australian companies to connect to content, solutions, and service providers through evolving our rich data and user experience.

WhiteHawk is a cloud-based cybersecurity exchange platform that delivers ‘solutions on demand' for small to midsize enterprises. The Platform enables customers to leverage their custom Security Story to find cyber tools, content, and relevant services through our algorithms to better understand how to improve and stay ahead of threat. The Platform enables companies to fill their needs on an ongoing basis with demonstrated cost and time savings. For more information or enquiries about your shareholding details, please click here to contact us.

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