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11 spies in the modern technology landscape

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11 spies in the modern technology landscape

Our insights strive to enable you, the reader, to understand the vulnerabilities you or your business may have in the cyber lens and help you take action to identify, prioritize, and mitigate that risk. The traditional "bad guy" threat actor is not the only one putting your information at risks and the stakes are not always criminal. CTOvision's Bob Gourley breaks down both the legal along with the criminal threats to your privacy; so that you can raise awareness and protect your data.

So, who is spying on us? According to Gourley, the list is extensive.

  1. Companies

  2. Journalists

  3. ISPs

  4. Mobile Providers

  5. Criminals

  6. Automated "bots"

  7. Governments

  8. Employers

  9. Miscreants and thrill seekers

  10. Snoops

  11. Devices

Read more about how these spies could be surveilling you and what action can be taken to protect your privacy here.