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5G is the Solution

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5G is the Solution

5G is the next generation of broadband connection. It will provide faster network speeds and robust technologies and can both handle and prioritize the different types of data streaming for more than 8 billion IoT devices.

This connectivity will benefit businesses to be more efficient and give customers access to information at a faster speed. Other benefits include super-connected smart communities, telematics/automated driving, distance learning, smart supply chains, and IoT devices. Most importantly, 5G will address limitations and allow production, like production-line robots to perform complex computing in real time.

To put it plainly, 5G will be a game changer to workflow and supply chains.

Read more about this transformation on supply chains by visiting EBNonline and seeing Hailey Lynn McKeefry's report on 5G, 'Building the Early Supply Chain Path to 5G'. Read it here.