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5 Phishing Warnings and Ways to Respond

Andres Ramos

5 Phishing Warnings and Ways to Respond

As we wrap up the year after seeing many breaches unfold worldwide, your company is confronted with cyber risk now more than ever. Now is the moment to cover your bases and ensure that all your company’s employees have the proper knowledge about recognizing phishing attacks. WhiteHawk advises keeping an eye out for the following red flags that could indicate you're being phished:

  1. Receiving an email from an address you weren’t expecting
  2. Receiving an SMS text from a phone number you weren’t expecting
  3. An email from an employee asking you to urgently open the message
  4. Referring to you in the email as “Account Member”, or “Customer” instead of your name
  5. Any email where you are required to open a link or document

To prevent your employees from being a victim of phishing, Whitehawk recommends that employees notify their IT security team or CISO of any suspicious emails. Some companies even have a convenient button to report a phishing within Microsoft Outlook. Company leadership can additionally proactively approach for mitigating phishing which includes:

  1. Not opening suspicious emails
  2. Reporting anything suspicious to your IT team
  3. Following established organizational security policies
  4. Ensure you are communicating with co-workers for when you will expect an email
  5. Implementing a security awareness training program for all employees to complete.

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