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A Short Guide for Spotting Phishing Attempts

Malachi Walker

A Short Guide for Spotting Phishing Attempts

As we ring in a new year, both opportunity and risk are knocking at the door for your company. Now is the time to ensure that your business's employees are all properly educated in email security and recognizing phishing attacks. The Center for Internet Security has a quick read to put you on the right path for success. The article addresses multiple forms of phishing:

  1. Suspicious login attempts

  2. Malicious links

  3. Malicious files

To prevent becoming a phishing victim, the CIS recommends employees notify their IT security team or CISO of all suspicious emails, and that company leadership take a proactive approach at training which includes:

  1. Not opening a suspicious looking email

  2. Reporting anything suspicious to your IT security team

  3. Following established organizational security problems

At WhiteHawk, we have found comprehensive training available through KnowBe4 security. Their product review by our Senior Analyst, Mike Ferris, can be viewed here.

See more detail on the CIS tips and how you can incorporate them into your business' security training by reading the CIS Phishing and Engagement Service's article.