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Announcing WhiteHawk's New Chief Data Scientist: Sarah Messer

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 Announcing WhiteHawk's New Chief Data Scientist: Sarah Messer

Sarah MesserWhiteHawk is excited to announce the addition of Sarah Messer as our Chief Data Scientist. Sarah brings extensive knowledge across the computer science and mathematics arenas with specific background in data structures and code.

Most recently, Sarah worked on the design and development of the Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform at Raytheon/Foreground Security. Her focus was on data structures and code for incorporating analyst feedback as a way of helping an automated tool adapt to changing customer-specific and externally-sourced threat intelligence.

Sarah noted that "WhiteHawk seeks a detailed understanding of the security concepts behind customer needs and vendor offerings. By explicitly modeling these concepts, we can robustly review products and help customers meet their IT security needs."

In her role as Chief Data Scientist, Sarah is responsible for structuring the WhiteHawk Decision Engine, a machine learning platform which integrates numerous datasets across the entire information security ecosystem and helps customers make smart, well-informed buying decisions.