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Cybercrime Support Network Sponsorship Outreach

Terry Roberts

Cybercrime Support Network Sponsorship Outreach

In the cybercrime field, it is well known that only a small percentage of Americans are reporting cybercrime and fraud events. The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel and the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center receive a combined total of approximately 1M cybercrime complaints a year.

With greater reporting, we can accomplish:

  1. An increased awareness of current cyber-criminal tactics and methods

  2. A sense of who and how individuals, companies and organizations are being targeted and impacted

  3. Definitive insight into the magnitude of the time, emotional and financial losses impacting our economy and society

  4. The ability to systematically link events with bad actors to inform law enforcement investigations that can lead to successful prosecutions.

Understanding the reporting and recovery challenges facing victims, the nonprofit, Cybercrime Support Network (CSN), is bringing together national nonprofits, federal, state and local public agencies and private-sector leaders to support programming that will utilize the nationwide 2-1-1 call/text network and online platform to enable consistent and effective reporting, prevention and mitigation of cybercrime and fraud across the U.S.

We are thankful to AT&T, Comcast, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Whitehawk and the Office of Victims of Crime for their support. To become a part of the solution, CSN has sponsorships available at multiple levels of giving. Together, we will make a difference! Get involved today.

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