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Do you know your Cyber Hygiene?

Andres Ramos

Do you know your Cyber Hygiene?

Your own personal hygiene is not the only kind of hygiene you should be worrying about this virus season. As more workplaces are providing remote options for employees due to the impending COVID-19 virus, opportunities for cyber attackers to exploit vulnerabilities may increase.

Therefore, it is important for companies to strengthen their cyber security hygiene, especially to have the proper security standards set in place for when CMMC becomes implemented. Cyber Hygiene is a reference to CMMC levels for companies to strengthen and maintain their cyber security infrastructure, ranging from basic cyber hygiene to advanced. Poor cyber hygiene can lead to your company being vulnerable to getting its information stolen, costing you thousands of dollars in recovery costs. This is a risk for both small sized and mid-sized businesses (SMB's) and large enterprises.

Implementing procedures and plans in order to improve your cyber hygiene is vital to making sure your company does not encounter any problems later down the road.

Our top 5 Recommendations to Improve Businesses Cyber Hygiene:

  • Make sure your operating systems and software are updated to the latest versions.

  • Utilize Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • Encourage employees to change passwords often and use complicated passwords.

  • Provide awareness training about phishing to employees.

  • Utilize a VPN when working remotely away from the office.