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Executives Can Be an Easy Cyber Target

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 Executives Can Be an Easy Cyber Target

By Dr. Terry Gudaitis & Terry Roberts

Fact is that Executives, Middle Managers, & Thought Leaders are out there representing their Company or Organization regularly and because they are not 360 about their risk profile - they are a lucrative target for money, proprietary IP and insider insights. Maybe it takes a career national security and cyber intelligence professional like me - to know that you always need to work a balance between healthy paranoia and pragmatic common sense, knowing I could easily be a target of crime and fraud and that some straight forward risk management approaches could lower my percentages dramatically and limit the damage or impact if I or my family are targeted.

So I wanted to include for all to read and review for yourself - these MindStar Concierge Reports. MindStar Security, is Security Company approach established by Dr Terry Gudaitis - a comprehensive Security & Profiling, LLC. At this site you can access the following Concierge Reports:

- Family Security: Home Invasion and Burglary In Gated Communities and Affluent Neighborhoods

- Executive & Family Travel

- Enhancing Physical Security: The Impact of Internet and Social Media Exposure

I believe that these MindStar Security Concierge Reports are practical, hard hitting and easily tailorable to you, your company and your family. Please get the word out so that we all can lower the risk profile for many.