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Family Office Cyber Risk: 2022 Dyanmics & Best Practices

Terry Roberts

Family Office Cyber Risk: 2022 Dyanmics & Best Practices

As someone who has been directly involved in 3 wars, I am deeply horrified by the Russian invasion and all-out war in Ukraine - but as a Soviet expert, I am not surprised. Read more here.

As current and future sanctions continue to squeeze the Kremlin, they will resort to any means to obtain cryptocurrency and cash. And as a Cyber Superpower, nothing is off the table for Russian Hackers.

During COVID, I have personally seen a lack of a sense of urgency across all sectors and the majority of non-security-focused Executives and Managers - to take immediate and measured action to identify and mitigate their priority online risks to their revenue, reputation and operations. This is not a global environment for procrastination.

As a Cyber Global Risk and Resilience Executive, my mission is to provide Risk Mitigation Awareness to all Public and Private Sector communities and across critical infrastructure – down to every business, organization and Family Office, no matter the size. I say with complete sincerity, do not let the Kremlin, the KGB/SVR/FSB, the GRU - sidestep the sanctions and come at the U.S. and our Allies to fund their aggression. Their gloves are off.

Many, if not all, of the items outlined here are best practices that all Family Offices should have implemented to ensure the basic protections are in place. And in addition to the current war, over the past year SolarWinds and Log4Shell are two high-profile cybercriminal campaigns that have plagued global business software applications that are embedded in the vast majority of Family Offices, Businesses and organizations. It remains all of our responsibilities to know what to protect first and what is readily available to make you and your team resilient to all in 2022 and beyond.

Sincerely, Terry Roberts

Founder, President, CEO WhiteHawk (Former Deputy Director of U.S. Naval Intelligence, an Executive Director Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) & Chair Emeritus, INSA Cyber Council)