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Holiday Emails: Threats and Tips

Andres Ramos

Holiday Emails: Threats and Tips

Even the grinch dressed up like Santa Claus when he stole Christmas from Whoville. Cyber threat actors are becoming cleverer in their phishing campaign attacks which is a result of highly sophisticated social engineering. Their target audience for phishing attacks is thoroughly researched on their end to examine which types of deception techniques their targets are most likely click on. With the holiday season, you may be getting more emails from those outside of your normal network. Take extra caution in reviewing messages you receive either through your email or phone if they contain the following:

  • A message with a sense of urgency to immediately open/respond
  • Deals for products you are interested in that seem too good to be true
  • An email address that is misspelled or not from your company domain
  • Unexpected emails that are from people you know
  • Referring to you as an “Account Member/Holder” instead of your name
  • Suspicious attachments (DocuSign, PDF, etc.)

Don’t wait and hope for a threat actor’s heart to grow three sizes, if you feel any messages, you have received contain any of the listed, contact your security administrator to double check. Implementing a security awareness program in your company can help educate employees on how to spot these red flags that could indicate a possible phishing attack.