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Holiday Security: Using Modern Technology to Protect Your Guests

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Holiday Security: Using Modern Technology to Protect Your Guests

Now that October has come and gone, the holiday season has begun - bringing cold air, colorful foliage, and events with colleagues and friends. One often overlooked aspect of this festive time, is the degree to which large-scale, well-advertised events may be targeted through cyber or kinetic means.

It is important to consider the context of your event in order to understand your specific need for security. How public are your event's details within your local community and the global community at large, through means of social media and the internet? Will there be persons of interest in attendance? What type of vulnerabilities does the location and facility present?

In answering these questions, an individual or organization may begin to construct a security plan that covers the most glaring vulnerabilities of an event, while efficiently making use of resources. The best way to secure anything, both online and in the physical-world, is to prioritize what is valuable and work hardest to protect that. BlackbirdAI provides one way to do this, through the analysis of social media trends. The company uses artificial intelligence to find the highest spikes in behavior over social media networks to determine where, when, and what may happen in relation to your organization or event.

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