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Incorporating Cyberintelligence into your Board

Malachi Walker

Incorporating Cyberintelligence into your Board

We've talked a lot about how everyone in an organization has a part in keeping their business or organization cyber-intelligent, but often the final approval to make that investment will fall to the Board of Directors. If you are a board member concerned with the increasing rate of cybercrime and fraud wondering how to best protect your revenue and reputation; or are someone that needs sign-off from your board, this is the panel for you.

Earlier this month our CEO Terry Roberts spoke on the panel "Incorporating Cyberintelligence into your Board" for the 2021 Risk Assistance Network and Exchange (RANE) and Nasdaq Cyber Summit. The discussion was moderated by RANE's Executive Director at Risk Desk Deneige Watson. Terry Roberts, American University's Vice Provost for Research Dr. Diana Burley, and IronNet's Cybersecurity Strategist John Ford engaged in an impactful discussion covering the intersect between cyberintelligence and the success of a board.

This discussion goes from top to bottom detail and comes from the perspectives of the public sector, private sector, for-profit, and non-profit alike. From how boards can get involved, to navigating regulations, and even the board's role against threat actors themselves. Watch it all unfold here.