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Is Your Personal Data Protected? 2018 National Data Privacy Day

WhiteHawk Inc.

Is Your Personal Data Protected? 2018 National Data Privacy Day

On January 28, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) will lead the 2018 National Data Privacy Day campaign which focuses on increasing awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. If you have a business that has customer, client, or patient data, Data Privacy Day is an easy way to learn about the importance of keeping your and their data protected and access resources that can reduce your business risk. Some of the resources available will include training checklists for your employees, reports on common threats, and information on data privacy relevant to all people.

This year, WhiteHawk is also participating in National Data Privacy Day. WhiteHawk CEO, Terry Roberts, has a particular passion for ensuring the protection and integrity of key personal data. Her focus is on a national discussion regarding "reasonable expectation of privacy in the Digital Age". Is it any longer reasonable to assume that your "online footprint" and open or social media information is secure? As opposed to your financial or health information? Turns out, these questions are not being addressed by current policies or statute, which are woefully out of date.

"It is not technically feasible nor practical to keep all our open wanderings confidential online," said Terry Roberts. "It is most important that we, as a cyber security savvy community, focus on legally and technically protecting specific groups of significant data online: our PII [personally identifiable information] and trusted (especially financial) transactions."

This year's Data Privacy Day efforts will be highlighting "Why Privacy Matters", "Privacy in the Growing Internet of Me", and "Fostering a Culture of Privacy Awareness at Work," all of which align with the status of data privacy today. As more personal information becomes available online, it is important to learn more about what is reasonable for companies to ask of you and what information is easily accessible.

To read more about the expectation of privacy in the digital age, click here for the complete WhiteHawk article. For more resources on how to protect your business and participate in the 2018 National Data Privacy Day, click here to be taken to NCSA's website.