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Kicking off a Cyber Risk Program

Malachi Walker

Kicking off a Cyber Risk Program

In case you missed it, on August 24th, our WhiteHawk team served on a panel for the Chartered Governance Institute, presenting thought leadership to business and organization leaders across the globe.

Part one was a panel hosted by our Founder and CEO, Terry Roberts, that spoke on the threat: the reality of digital age risks today and how anyone can be at risk. Then, hear from top professionals, industry leaders, and even a victim of ransomware share their stories and perspectives.

Part two goes into what we can do about the risks we face. Only a comprehensive Cyber Risk Framework can enable your business or organization to identify, prioritize, and mitigate the largest risks facing your industry in today's digital age. Hear from Terry Roberts, our Director of IT Operations and Security Mike Ferris, and our Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst Julia Rapp on how to easily equip your business or organization with a framework tailored to your needs, affordable, and impactful.

Watch the full discussion here.