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MilCyber Lockdown Lunch and Learn recap

Julia Rapp

MilCyber Lockdown Lunch and Learn recap

The Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) hosted its weekly series, the 3L (Lockdown Lunch & Learn) on September 7th. The MCPA is a volunteer driven educational nonprofit charity. WhiteHawk’s CEO and founder, Terry Roberts, gave the keynote presentation on the importance of implementing a Cyber Risk Management Framework across critical infrastructure, using the Energy Sector as an exemplar. In short, a Cyber Risk Management Framework accomplishes the following:

  • Fast tracks all risk discovery and prioritization
  • Saves limited manpower and resources (automated and scalable)
  • Provides actionable, sources and prioritized risks
  • Delivers action plans to address key cyber risks

Energy Sector entities vary in size and funding; creating disparities in staff expertise and financial resources, while constantly being targeted by a range of cyber threat actors. Standards-based approaches are foundational but proving to be insufficient. There are commercial tools available in the market today, such as the WhiteHawk Cyber Risk Program that can identify key cyber risks that hackers can see from the outside through publicly available data sets (including Industrial Control Systems, Internet of Things, and Operational Technology data sets) and AI-driven analytics to provide risk monitoring. Once identified, these risks can be affordably addressed and mitigated, increasing the sector’s overall security posture.

A Cyber Risk Management Framework moves risk mitigation from a check-the-box strategy to a more active and continuous risk mitigation process through continual identification, prioritization, and mitigation of key cyber risks.

Check out the MCPA’s 3L here.