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Risk Mitigation and Optimization in Compliance Automation

Sakeef Salman

Risk Mitigation and Optimization in Compliance Automation

On January 14th, our CEO Terry Roberts sat down with SteelCloud COO, Brian Hajost for an interview with Cybersecurity TV as part of their series on Compliance Automation. The interview focused on the following topics:

  • How well leadership understands compliance programs and how to scale them effectively

  • Moving beyond a compliance focused maturity to meaningful resilience

  • The compartmentalization of compliance programs and the need to have an integrated compliance program process

  • Do clients have a compliance program that is an integrated process across all stakeholders or is each acting as a separate organization/team?

  • Key compliance functions that can be automated

  • How WhiteHawk and SteelCloud enable cyber teams to meet compliance requirements effectively and efficiently

  • The level of technical expertise required to implement Compliance Automation

The full interview is available here.