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Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Andres Ramos

Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Constant headlines highlighting data breaches, compromised credentials, and broken authentication, and account hijacking aren't alleviating concerns regarding Cloud computing. A recent State of the Cloud Survey showed that security risks of cloud computing lead the pack, inching out other issues like a shortage of expertise and talent.

As such, security risks of cloud computing have become a reality for every organization, be it small or large, or within the private and public sectors.

The silver lining is successful and secure cloud adoption and migration is possible, and it comes down to your people and the investments you make in talent. As Cloud Engineer Drew Firment puts it, "until you focus on the #1 bottleneck to the flow of cloud adoption, improvements made anywhere else are an illusion."

Top 7 Recommendations for Businesses:

  1. Invest into hiring professionals that have experience/specialize in cloud computing.

  2. Identify who is responsible for what:

  3. Provide basic cloud awareness training to all types of employees in your business.

  4. Avoid having employees working on open networks when working remotely.

  5. Control who has access:

  6. Utilize Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

  7. Audit for misconfigurations (One of the biggest cloud security risks).

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