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Six takeaways to protect your social media account

Malachi Walker

Six takeaways to protect your social media account

Last week a significant number of verified accounts on Twitter were hacked. Social media is a frequent avenue for threat actors to compromise the identity and the reputation of businesses and individuals. What also made this hack unique was that it targeted verified users who were claiming to give away free cryptocurrency. Normshield identifies the following takeaways this incident should teach us about protecting our online identity.

  1. All management panels should have two-factor authentication

  2. Precautions must be taken in advanced against social media attacks

  3. Remote access rights of authorized personnel should differ from that of regular employees

  4. Segmentation is necessary

  5. Perform frequent penetration and red-team testing

  6. Consider social media platforms as third parties.

Read these takeaways in greater detail as well as more information about the incident in Normshield's article here.