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What Cyber Training is Right for You?

Sakeef Salman

What Cyber Training is Right for You?

Ransomware, Phishing Scams, Infrastructure Shutdowns. This year, numerous high-profile breaches and security incidents have highlighted a desperate need in workforces around the world for security training. For every cyber incident you may have heard of impacting a large enterprise, there is another you probably have not heard of impacting a small to mid-size business or organization. SMB's and fortune 1000 enterprises alike are in desperate need of comprehensive security and awareness training. This can start with teaching your employees the best security practices or being as sophisticated as giving your security analysts advanced cyber training to better do their jobs or complete certifications. No matter your industry or role, if you use a computer, you have a position to play in protecting your business against cybercrime and fraud

WhiteHawk has partnered with several vendors to help you meet your organization's training and education needs. KnowBe4, VTS Cyber, and Phin Security can help your employees achieve basic cyber hygiene by learning the best security practices to help protect your company's revenue and reputation. If your security team needs to brush up on their skills or keep up with the latest technologies, RangeForce and Rendition Infosec provide Advanced Cyber Training to enable your team to gain a full perspective on the education needed to protect your business or organization. Finally, for individuals looking to learn new skills or get certified in the various compliance frameworks, Reyncon Security, Solvitur Systems, and VTS Cyber are there to help you achieve your goals.

For more information, please visit WhiteHawk's Cyber Training and Education page to learn more about these solution options and see which is right for you.