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When a Corporate Data Breach Happens

Malachi Walker

When a Corporate Data Breach Happens

Breaches are becoming a daily phenomenon as cyber attackers have been exploiting cyber vulnerabilities in businesses across all sectors. It makes sense to be concerned about whether your business is going the be next. Even when companies attempt to take precautions, the onslaught of attacks continues.

But doomsday doesn't have to be a foregone conclusion! There are critical, simple next steps your business can take to save money, resources, and data. These steps start with

-Building a Breach Response Team;
-Developing a Breach Communications Plan, and;
-Providing Incident Training and Awareness to employees.

Sontiq's John Burcham goes into detail on critical next steps to take in 2019 as well as other ways to be proactive in today's risk-filled environment.