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Terry Roberts

WhiteHawk, Inc. & You

If you listen to the news, you already know that cyber crime and fraud is now impacting all business sectors and companies of all sizes. No longer can you and your business exist "under the radar" and remain relatively unscathed. That party is over.

Maybe you lost 2 to 3 weeks of company emails, or perhaps your company sales website was down for 48 hours, or you were even the victim of a phishing attack that resulted in a $75K fraudulent payment or there was a shadow tax filing on your business and they got your refund.

'Small stuff' some businesses may say$mdash;but what if 2 or 3 of these type events happened in the same year? If this were physical theft to your business or personnel you would be taking action. So why aren't you taking action against cyber crime and fraud?

Many companies are reporting lost revenue 1% to 3% annually. What if you could spend a fraction of that to protect your revenue, your reputation, your customers' data?

WhiteHawk is all about leveraging a straight forward Risk Management approach to cyber security for all companies$mdash;especially mid-sized and small businesses that don't have the expertise in cyber security and can't afford to hire the large consulting groups, that focus primarily on the Fortune 1000 Companies.

Using our Cyber Path assessment approach, we can work with you to quickly determine and prioritize the critical areas of your business that are most vulnerable to cyber crime and fraud, find the optimal and cost effective solutions, enabling your company to stay ahead of online criminals targeting your business sector.

The fact is if you use old software and apps, if your critical IP or data is not encrypted, if your network is not patched continuously, if your employees have not received basic cyber security awareness training$mdash;your company is likely being targeted.

At WhiteHawk, we bring together the expertise, effective methods and affordable solutions together daily to stop cyber crime, fraud and disruption to your Company.