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Why Leadership Off-Sites?

Terry Roberts

Why Leadership Off-Sites?

For the past 20 years, when I have had the flexibility to conduct a focused off-site with the leadership team, it has made a measurable impact on our mission and business success. No kidding!

It allows for a difference in insight, a difference in understanding, a difference in speed to collaborate, synchronize, and helps meet short and long term objectives.

In order for this to happen, a few key premises must be followed:

Leave the egos and mantles at the door.

Put working as a team and winning as a team first.

Enable professional and thoughtful truth to power of all present.

Understand you can't fix it all - but you can put strong foundations and paths in place.

Have a blend of 'learning about each other and new ways to effectively work together' and 'discussing & vetting the road ahead".

Have an experienced and enabling professional facilitator who knows how to get the most out of a compressed offsite. If you are 'in charge' normally, take a back seat and participate as a peer - as much as you can.

Ensure it is all about the team and organization's success, not an individual's success.

Take down key vetted information, actions, and follow-up or the time is mostly wasted.

Go somewhere else (an hour or two away) with a comfortable, positive feel, for at least 2 days and one night - device free :)


It is a small investment of time and resources that pays off for all involved.