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Sontiq & WhiteHawk Business Risk Suite

Comprehensive, Low Cost Cyber Protection for Your Company and Employees

Industry-first suite that empowers businesses to guard against fraud and cyberattacks - for both their business and their employees. Its essential features include:

  • Business Dark Web Monitoring | Constant monitoring of the Dark Web for your business’s information
  • Business Credit Monitoring, Score & Report | Business credit monitoring so you can confidently manage your credit
  • Fully Managed Business Restoration | Exclusive service includes proactive capabilities and a white-glove response program, featuring access to dedicated and certified resolution specialists, to keep your business identity safe
  • Cyber Risk Profile, Virtual Consult, Tailored Action Plan | Review of an organizations’ Digital Age Risks and how to mitigate them cost effectively

Business Risk Suite

Sontiq and WhiteHawk Business Risk Suite is an integrated, easy to implement SaaS dashboard, covering the business and individual

  • Pinpoint & Understand Risks

    The WhiteHawk virtual consult with a brief Threat Readiness questionnaire and Cyber Risk Profile informs customers of key Digital Age risks impacting their Sector and to their own revenue and reputation.

  • Identify the Tools Required

    Our online maturity model and cyber consult will help you understand the baselines of your cyber needs, gaps and Areas of Focus through a 2-hour consultation.

  • Develop a Customized Action Plan

    Implementation of vetted, easy to implement and affordable, Cyber Product & Service options from our online Cybersecurity Exchange are customized to meet your Business Objectives & Risk Priorities.

  • Continuously Assess your Cyber Maturity and Resilience

    Quarterly Cyber Risk Scorecards and Virtual Consults engagement, ensure your business or organization remains resilient to online crime and fraud.