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All Business Customers Receive Effective Digital Age Risk Services at Scale

Provide your clients with a Virtual Cyber Consult, a Risk Profile, Maturity Model, Action Plan and Instant Risk Mitigation from a Vetted Marketplace of Solution Options.

Step up and scale your Digital Age Risk services across all of your Business Clients, enabling them to continuously know the truth about their cyber risks and take smart action. Our Cyber Risk Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an end-to-end Cyber Risk identification, prioritization and mitigation cloud-based ecosystem, that can effectively and affordably service thousands to millions of your Business Clients continuously and seamlessly.

Cyber Risk PaaS Business Models and Features

  • White Labeling and Co-Branding

    The WhiteHawk platform uses open technologies that cleanly decouple UI/UX and the backend business processing services. We have branding and theming configurations that take place only in the UI. We do this through templated components, interpolating branding data from centralized configuration files. The branding includes theming elements such as colors, fonts, images, logos, and slogans, enabling us to establish a white labeled instance for any brand quickly. We can easily tailor our platform to support your enterprise’s brand and messaging for a seamless user experience to your end clients.

  • Marketplace Solution Vetting and Onboarding

    WhiteHawk maintains an in-house dedicated Vendor Management team that scouts, vets, and onboards innovative solution vendors onto the online Marketplace. We will work closely to meet the Prime Client’s business objectives and collaborate on the identification and onboarding of solutions for its. WhiteHawk’s mature vendor process onboards on average 1 to 2 cyber risk, security, and analytics vendors a week, with consistent and repeatable business processes. The Vendor Management team at WhiteHawk conducts vendor technology demonstrations and follow-up business model discussions including the appropriate revenue sharing agreements.

  • Platform Assessment Mapping to Security Standards

    Because NIST and ISO controls are daunting even for sophisticated cyber professionals, WhiteHawk built our maturity models based on the CIS framework, which maps to the NIST framework and is impactful and actionable for the vast majority of companies and organizations. Using this approach, we have implemented the CIS and CMMC frameworks as a foundation to our virtual client consultations. By aligning multiple frameworks, WhiteHawk delivers an uncomplicated and documented path to CIS and CMMC compliance. With our flexible and open architecture, we are able to customize and integrate any additional security frameworks selected by the client.

Features & Benefits

  • Tailored Risk Platform of Online Services & Business Models to meet the objectives of Prime Client.
  • Ability to tailor & add features to the platform to meet any business or mission objective.
  • Co-branding, white labeling, annual licensing, revenue sharing or revenue neutral and O&M service options.
  • Cyber Threat Readiness Questionnaire, Risk Profile, Cyber Risk Consult to establish the risk baseline.
  • Automated & Documented Cyber Risk Prioritization & Scorecard matched to Solution Options – Action Plan.
  • Matching to Vetted Cyber Innovative Solution Partners for Enterprise & SMB Clients – updated continuously.
  • Grounded on publicly available risk data sets, proven AI-based Cyber Risk analytics, models & solutions.

Time to Step Up to Defeat Online Crime, Fraud and Disruption Across All Businesses and Organizations

Insurance Groups, Financial Institutions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the Federal Government have an obligation to protect their business clients, organizations and suppliers against cyber risks. Learn how to provide identification/scoping, prioritization and mitigation from the experts. Contact us to discuss and learn more.