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Actionable Report That Enables Timely Decision Making

The Cyber Risk Scorecard provides an executive level view of cyber risks for a singular company based on open source data, AI analytics, and custom Cyber Consultant commentary. Three tiers of Cyber Risk Scorecards provide for varying depth and detail, available as singular snapshots or continuous coverage over time.

Choose the Right Scorecard for Your Company

  • One Time Scorecard

    Understand what your greatest vulnerabilities are today and how best to mitigate them

  • Quarterly Scorecards

    Get updates on your cyber risks each quarter and track your cyber resiliency over time

  • Continuous Coverage Scorecard

    When risk factors and your scorecard change, you will be alerted to new threats and mitigation strategies

Features & Benefits

  • Each company is assigned a numerical rating (analogous to a consumer credit score) based on over 20 cyber risk controls
  • Find out how well your company is managing the following seven risk vectors: compromised systems, communications encryption, user behavior, system patching, application security, email security, and public disclosure
  • All data is externally observable: we do not conduct on premise or penetration testing of your company’s internal networks with this scorecard
  • A summary of key findings and prioritized list of actions you can take to improve your cyber defense
  • Consultation with a Cyber Consultant to review findings and affordable products that mitigate your company’s risk