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Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies can depend on WhiteHawk’s enterprise solutions to defend against theft, fraud and disruption. Our scalable, AI-driven SaaS platforms enable our customers to locate the vulnerabilities in their cyber defense systems and efficiently mitigate them.

A Hacker’s View of Your Weaknesses

Our Cyber Risk Program is an audit of your cyber defense systems, exposing your vulnerabilities and providing a plan to mitigate them.

Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation

Stay on top of new threats so you can safeguard your enterprise.

Automated Compliance Management

Meet and exceed your CMMC requirements with Cyber Risk Radar, our easy to implement SaaS platform that streamlines your third-party risk management.

Automated Enterprise Cyber Risk SaaS/PaaS

Cyber Risk Program

Automated, easy to implement “Hacker View” of a company’s or organization’s key cyber risks to their revenue, reputation and operations. This annual subscription is designed to keep Executive Teams informed and enabled to make smart Digital Age Risk mitigation decisions, continuously and cost effectively, to include quarterly Scorecards, Debriefs and Actionable Assessments.

Cyber Risk Radar

Identify, prioritize and get near real-time mitigation of Cyber and Business Risks across your supply chain, with an easy to implement and scalable SaaS platform. This annual subscription empowers your C-SCRM, VRM and CMMC Team to automate, document and mitigate globally discoverable risks, before they can impact your company or customers, while mapping to your Governance, Risk and Compliance frameworks.

Cyber Risk Platform As Service

Step up, differentiate and scale your Digital Age Risk services across all of your Business Clients, enabling them to continuously know the truth about their cyber risks and take smart action. Provide your Business Clients with best of breed continuous risk monitoring, prioritization and mitigation services via an accessible online platform, Virtual Cyber Consult, Risk Profile, Maturity Model, Action Plan and Instant Risk Mitigation from a Vetted Marketplace of Solution Options.

Innovative Vendors

Explore our next generation Enterprise Solution Partners. We continuously vet innovative, impactful, easy to implement, and affordable solutions every week, with the objective of effectively mitigating your top cyber risks and streamlining your cyber resilience architecture and overhead.

WhiteHawk Cyber Risk SaaS/PaaS