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End-to-End Qualification Process

WhiteHawk ensures that our enterprise solutions are the optimal fit for your business and performance needs.

Keep Up with the Breadth of New Innovative Cyber Vendors

    • Innovative Companies Vetted Weekly

      Keep up with the breadth of new innovative cyber vendors.

    • Tailored to Fit your Business Needs

      Solution options that are vetted and mapped to your key risks and gaps.

    WhiteHawk Enterprise Vendor Lead Sources & Process

    • Since 2015, WhiteHawk has vetted 1 to 2 Innovative Cyber Companies every week for cutting edge impact, scalability, ease of implementation and affordability.
    • WhiteHawk's end-to-end qualifying process ensures that our enterprise solutions are the optimal fit for our clients and partners business and performance needs.
    • We focus on next generation cyber, risk and analytics platforms, solutions and frameworks.
    WhiteHawk Enterprise Vendor Lead Sources & Process
    Enterprise Infrastructure VPN
    Securing your remote workforce & team communications
    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions
    Next-gen security solutions for your industrial environments
    Security Threat Intelligence
    Get a hacker view of your IT assets, data sets and vulnerabilities
    Endpoint Protection Platforms
    Protecting all your devices from malware and malicious activity
    Software Asset Management (SAM)
    Aggregating data, finding unmanned devices, real-time inventory and testing compliance
    IT Vendor Risk Management
    Automate enterprise & vendor risk discovery, prioritization & documentation
    Digital Forensics, Incident Response Services, Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR)
    Enabling security teams with automated threat detection and response
    Access Management
    Selective restriction of access to all your data by authentication and aurthorization
    Application Security Testing
    Finding and fixing business applications' back doors
    Enterprise Data Loss Prevention
    Classify, control access and protect sensitive data
    Managed Security Services
    Remote provision of IT security functions and compliance