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How Quickly Will You Recover from a Cyber Attack?

Protecting your business emails is about more than just filtering out spam, malware, and business e-mail compromise emails. In the context of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-based systems, email becomes an even more critical lifeline for the business....

Small Businesses - Big Targets for Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity has become a complex undertaking, but too many small businesses have fallen so far behind the curve that a successful attack could seriously impact them. It’s already happening to many small businesses, according to the Australian....

'Tis the Season for Email Fraud - So Don't Open the Wrong Package

Like clockwork, the end of the year marks the winding down of the Australian business year and the start of the silly season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events are....

Find Your Weakest Link To Protect Against Malware

With 40,000 employees in 140 countries and 1200 staff in Australia alone, “You don’t have to look too far to find examples” of the methods email fraudsters are using today, Grant Thornton information security manager Gavin Townsend said....

5 Reasons Your Archive Data Solution Will Do You Wrong

You’ve put a lot of trust in your legacy file archiving solution. And back in the day, it was worthy of it. But your old system isn’t trustworthy in a changing landscape that includes new regulations...

The Real Advantage of Moving Your Security Controls to the Cloud

It is not exactly news that most security controls, particularly those that are traditionally thought of as network-centric ones (versus endpoint centric ones), are moving to the cloud.

Email Security Dos and Don'ts For Employees

What employees should and should not do to avoid targeted email attacks. Even the best cloud-based email security solution can’t catch every malicious email missive. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for employees to augment your email security and improve your cyber resilience for email.

Cybersecurity Vs. Cyber Resilience

While the term “cybersecurity” is as old as the hills in the security world, the term “cyber resilience” has been gaining momentum. This is a good thing. Cybersecurity management is complex and always changing, and focusing on security alone simply isn’t enough....

Getting Ready for Australia's MDB

It may seem like there is a lot of time until Australia’s Mandatory Data Breach Notification (MDB) regime kicks off – but there isn’t. As the festive season leads you to one Christmas party after another, remember that the clock is ticking down to February 22....

Defend Against Malicious Email Attachments and Malware

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report for 2017, two-thirds of cybersecurity breaches are caused by malware installed by malicious email attachments, and 43 percent....

7 Reasons an All-in-One Cloud Archive is a Business Necessity

An all-in-one cloud archive is a different archive is a difference-maker for your business. There is one answer to all the email archiving problems you have: the cloud. And there are seven reasons why.

Don't Rush Legacy Archive Migration - Two Big Reasons Why

Everybody’s hopping on the cloud bandwagon. Data from Gartner, Inc., estimates the global market for public cloud services will increase 18% percent in 2017 to $246.8 billion. 

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