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Using Existing Malware to Save You Time

As a malware analyst and reverse engineer, I am often faced with reversing some type of cryptography algorithm or decompression routine that can take hours, days, months, or even years to fully understand. 

Unit 42 - Muddying the Water: Targeted Attacks in the Middle East

This blog discusses targeted attacks against the Middle East taking place between February and October 2017 by a group Unit 42 is naming “MuddyWater”. This blog links this recent activity with...

SecurityRoundtable - Board Members Should Care—a Lot—About Credentials Theft

As a board member, you are well aware that cyber adversaries have had much success, these past few years, leveraging weaknesses in their victims’ security controls at each stage of the attack life cycle.

Operation Blockbuster Goes Mobile

Unit 42 has discovered a new cluster of malware samples, which targets Samsung devices and Korean language speakers, with relationships to the malware used in Operation Blockbuster. The specific points of connection between these new samples....

Unit 42 - New Malware with Ties to SunOrcal Discovered

Unit 42 has discovered a new malware family we’ve named “Reaver” with ties to attackers who use SunOrcal malware. SunOrcal activity has been documented to at least 2013, and based on metadata...

Unit 42 - Threat Brief: Petya Ransomware

This Unit 42 blog provides an update on the threat situation surrounding attacks using the Petya Ransomware which are impacting organizations in Ukraine, Russia and to a lesser extent around the world.

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