WhiteHawk Home Office Report

by Terry Roberts


Roberts Reports Descriptions

Network security is a rising issue in all businesses as security breaches increase in abundance and sophistication. This threat is no longer limited to your Office Network and work persona but has expanded beyond this sphere. Consequently, at WhiteHawk, we believe the best place to start is the Home Office. That is because as a user with access to sensitive corporate or government information at work, the Home Network can easily be compromised by threat actors if precautions are not taken to secure. To answer these insecurity issues, the Roberts Report provides a foundation of knowledge by diving into the background and the basics of Home Office Networks. It provides impactful action through best practices to help mitigate, secure, and advance the security levels of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). An easy and convenient guideline or cheat sheet is outlined in the report to help SMBs protect themselves and instruct them in how to follow a few simple mitigations on their Home Network. Read these best practices in the report for keeping your Home Network secure and avoid becoming the next victim.

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