CNAP Series, Episode 2: CyberSecurity/IT Acquisition Best Practices

by Nicole Shadowen

The CyberSecurity National Action Plan, or CNAP, is a strategy implemented by President Obama in February of 2016. The best part about CNAP is that, unlike other approaches, its mission is to outline concrete near-term actions to accomplish broader long-term national goals around CyberSecurity.  Using CNAP and the CyberSecurity Act of 2015 as starting points, we can develop a comprehensive and effective national CyberSecurity strategy.  

The following video is the second in a 7-video series about the major components involved in CNAP.  In this video, a group of distinguished panelists discuss CyberSecurity/IT Acquisition Best Practices within the context of the CNAP.

Watch the video here!


Moderator: Our very own Terry Roberts, CEO of WhiteHawk, Inc.

Distinguished Panelists:

• Michael H. McLendon

   Associate Director, Software Solutions Division, Carnegie Mellon University

   (former senior advisor OSD ASD for System Engineering)
• Craig Parisot


   (serial entrepreneur and Federal acquisition expert)
• Barry Barlow

   SVP and CTO Vencore (former NGA CIO)
• Matt McCormack

   EMC Global Public Sector CTO (former CISO DIA and IRS)