The Importance of Home Office Security

by Terry Roberts

In April 2017, the cover of the Economist (a periodical I highly respect) stated Why Computers Will Never Be Safe. The articles inside were well researched and thoughtful - very similar to the majority of commentary on computers, the Internet and wireless today – and included important insights into current trends and comparisons to other tech industries. But it left me with a sense that, as individuals, there is little to nothing we can do to protect ourselves and that we are simply pawns to tech industry and government thinking.

As "we the consumer" have impacted many other industries in the past, we can be informed and demanding customers. Knowing that hackers attempt an attack every 39 seconds (although not all attempts are successful) there are steps the consumer can take. We can ask all Internet Service Providers (ISP), Managed Service Providers (MSP), App, Business Software, IT hardware, software, and services companies - what are your security approaches, what do these approaches achieve, and at what additional cost?

To enable all of us to increase our personal security, WhiteHawk has produced our inaugural Roberts Report on Home Office Security, which can be viewed here. Whether you are part of the 43 percent of Americans that work from home some of the time, or have a personal computer with sensitive information on it, this is a great place to start to prevent cyber criminals from robbing us all blind.

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