Living on the Edge

by Cyber Threat Alliance

Cyber Threat Alliance provides recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities in edge devices.

How safe is your edge? Edge devices are internet tools deployed at the boundaries, or edges, of interconnected networks, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. These devices are getting attention from the good guys because they are becoming a target for the bad guys.

Our friends at Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), Neil Jenkins and Natasha Cohen, recently announced a joint analysis thanks to their members who came together to highlight the vulnerabilities and associated threats to these devices.  

So, what can be done to address the risks posed by edge devices? CTA has a few suggestions.

First, to reduce the vulnerabilities in these devices, manufacturers should build security into their designs and enable them to be patched easily. Second, to minimize any remaining vulnerabilities, devices and the networks they are connected to should be installed and designed in secure configurations, regularly monitored, and upgraded.

Specific recommendations for both organizations and manufacturers are listed and covered in detail within the analysis which you can download for free here.

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