Securing your Identity this Holiday Season 

by Malachi Walker

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for identity thieves. This holiday season offers the opportunity for cyber attackers to find many victims to scam and exploit. With Christmas two weeks away and a new decade just 20 days away, there’s no better time to put your cyber intelligence hat on and be mindful for vulnerabilities. Here are 7 tips you can utilize to secure your identity.  

  1. Avoid downloading discount codes from emails and pop-ups 
  2. Print out online receipts and store them in an email folder 
  3. Be wary of deals on social media or search engines  
  4. Be cautious with unknown websites or spoofed websites (check to make sure emails and phone numbers are authentic and you are able to contact the right people) 
  5. Double check if deals are legitimate 
  6. Never provide login, personal or financial data on an unsecure site (it is recommended to use a secure and encrypted website to make payments, like PayPal) 
  7. Use anti-malware and anti-virus software 

See more about what this holiday season could mean for cyber-attacks and how you can be protected from John Burcham’s article on Fighting Identity Crimes 


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