Social Security Scams on the Rise: 5 Helpful Tips to Protect Sensitive Information

by Malachi Walker

If you haven’t already experienced it, you’ve certainly heard about it. One of the oldest familiar scams out there: an unknown caller seeking to obtain your social security number and other personal information. You may think that in 2019, this kind of scam would be long obsolete and irrelevant; however, Fighting Identity Crimes by EZShield found that not only are these scams still occurring, they are actually increasing in frequency.

63,000 robocall scams have been reported in 2019, all referencing a threatening caller claiming to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA), and stating one’s social security number has been suspended and that it must be confirmed over phone to reactivate it.

John Burcham from Sontiq breaks down these scams and provides five helpful tips to protect your sensitive information from being compromised.

While we’re talking about phones, are you worried about your cell phone security? Here are some tips on keeping your cell phone secure.

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