Top Tip for the Water Sector: Real-Time Automation

by Katherine Bodendorfer

Automation can redefine how your company operates. Manual operations are time-consuming and the majority of protocols and inventory practices become outdated almost as soon as they are completed. The benefits in automating include optimizing asset performance (i.e. automation of a sensor data can mitigate a problem before it becomes a major issue), increasing workforce efficiency by making the maintenance lifecycle easier and ensuring work is done right, maximizing financial performance, and improving customer satisfaction. For example, automating with a management tool from GFI Software, Spiceworks, Manage Engine can provide value through increased data and analytical capabilities.

Water utility general managers, chief information officers, and utility directors can provide additional oversight, in order to closely align with the sector and national priorities. Involve all parties in the conversations about your cybersecurity posture needs today.

For additional information on water-related cybersecurity, check out these resources:

- WaterISAC (Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center)

-U.S. Department of Homeland Security CSSP (Control Systems Security Programs)

- AWWA’s (American Water Works Association) cybersecurity guide

-Cybersecurity Threats to US Infrastructure Warrant 'moonshot' Response, by Richard Mroz 

Take action and be prepared. 

Find out more about improving your security by connecting with WhiteHawk. Also, read The Water Sector is Naturally a Key Target: What You Can Do

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