What to Do When Cybercrime Hits: 501(c)(3) Cybercrime Support Network Launches FraudSupport.org

by LeighAnne Baxter

WhiteHawk's strategic partner, Cybercrime Support Network (CSN), created a program called FraudSupport.org to provide assistance to both individual and small business cybercrime and online victims. FraudSupport.org will lead victims through the Report, Recover, and Reinforce process after an incident occurs.

WhiteHawk is proud to be partnered with CSN in order to directly support small and midsize businesses affected by cybercrime and fraud. Through the partnership, SMBs that contact CSN in need of cybercrime and fraud response and mitigation services will be provided incident response resources including WhiteHawk. WhiteHawk's cyber consultants connect companies to effective response services to mitigate the impact to their business revenue and reputation and enable them to find and purchase affordable products and solutions, via the WhiteHawk Exchange, thereby mitigating cyber risks into the future.

For more information on CSN, visit their website here or go here for additional resources.