WhiteHawk Top 12 Cyber & Risk Analytics Companies

by WhiteHawk

Cyber Executives and Decision Makers,

At least once a year we send out a Top 12 Innovative Cyber and Analytics Companies Virtual Magazine.

Since as part of our business model, we conduct innovation deep dives with 1-2 cyber vendors every week (totaling over 1,000 companies over the past 4 years), we believe we have an unusual vantage point to highlight truly game changing innovative and/or comprehensive solutions that you may not yet know about.  All are impactful, easy to implement and cost effective. 

Our virtual magazine, with one pagers on each company/solution is consistently formatted so you or your team can easily review them and find capability areas with key supporting solution, impact and pricing insights that are of potential interest to you.  No company can pay to be on this list.

As always, we are happy to have a conversation about any capability, providing additional context or setting up demos as desired.

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