A Year Later, How Has Americans’ Perception of Equifax Changed?


76 days, $439 million and 148 million people. 

These numbers represent the 76 days the breach took to extract the personal data, the cost that Equifax will incur from the breach, and the millions of members of a not-so-exclusive club that were compromised.

The 2017 Equifax breach was one of the largest in history. Americans lost not just data, but also credit card credentials. As breaches continue, Mike Brown at LendEdu conducted an analysis about the incident and reveals what Americans think of the breach.

The most surprising part of the study is that out of those who were aware of the incident, 37.04 percent had yet to check their accounts to see if they were affected. This brings up a good question about how many of us are hesitant to even check our credit ratings? Moreover, how many of us are actually aware of the breach?

The big takeaway from the study is that we as a whole need to have continued vigilance and be on the lookout for how our information can be compromised. 

Follow the link to read Mike’s analyses of Equifax’s data breach and learn how Americans’ perception of Equifax changed.  

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