Advisory Services Senior Analyst

Location | Remote, Virginia Office Preferred

Job Purpose

Key member of the WhiteHawk Advisory Services Team in the provision of CyberSecurity Services and associated products in support of WhiteHawk's SMB customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Senior Analyst, desired skill sets include ...

  1. Customer assistance with WhiteHawk Decision Engine, CyberPath questions and troubleshooting.

  2. Monitoring and managing customer communications to inform and assign to required personnel. 

  3. Assist business lines in designing, customizing and automating customer interaction, user experience, and Advisory Services workflows.

  4. Team on the planning the implementation of new subscription offerings that efficiently address identified customer needs.

  5. Monitor and enable changes or advancements in Subscription Service offerings to discover ways the company can gain a competitive advantage.

  6. Partner on the development and execution of Subject Matter Expert and Analysis services.

  7. Provide Weekly Insight Content.

  8. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


A WhiteHawk Senior Analyst is a team player who is continuously learning about business operations, solutions, and cyber security concepts. Has some experience and understanding of business operations, intelligence, and analytics. Comfortable analyzing large quantities of data and presenting findings in both written and oral form.

As a Senior Analyst, desired skill sets include ...

  1. 3+ years experience in CyberSecurity.

  2. Experience with providing risk assessments. 

  3. Experience implementing CyberSecurity Frameworks. 

  4. Expertise in CyberSecurity and IT Management.

  5. Excellent communications skills and work ethic.

  6. Cloud Security Certification can substitute 2 years of experience.

  7. Security+ or Network+ Certified is Preferred.

  8. Experience in Consulting CyberSecurity services is preferred.

If this sounds like you, please send your cover letter and resume to WhiteHawk Recruiting

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