Advisory Services Solutions Architect

Location | Remote, Virginia Office Preferred

Job Purpose

To manage the review, acquisition, and onboarding of cybersecurity vendors and their products and services, working in partnership with the WhiteHawk Advisory Services Team in the deployment of CyberSecurity Products and Services.

Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Working with the Development Team, research optimal cybersecurity products and services that map to, enable, and are affordable for WhiteHawk SMB target customers.

  2. As needed, conduct product and service review conversations with Vendors to assess and understand their offerings.

  3. Conduct Technical Deep Dive conversations with Vendors to further vet and transition offerings to be easily tailored and purchased online by either WhiteHawk customer company or WhiteHawk Senior Analyst.

  4. Partner with Advisory Services Team in the development of the living technical framework and portal for efficient and effective Vendor Onboarding.

  5. Ensure the development and execution of vendor life cycle lead development and management.

  6. Ensure the development and execution of Payment workflow management.

  7. Work across internal departments to provide insight for existing and new products and services in the online vendor marketplace.

  8. Stay on top of Vendor product and service trends.

  9. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by direct Supervisor.


A WhiteHawk Solutions Architect is a team player who is knowledgeable about business operations, solutions, and cybersecurity concepts. Will have experience and deep understanding of business operations and lead management. Is comfortable analyzing and assessing large quantities of market and product data, presenting findings in both written and oral form.

As a Solutions Architect with WhiteHawk you will have…

  1. A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, CyberSecurity, IT Management or related technical/engineering field. 

  2. Experience in Business or Sales and Technical Applications. 

  3. Excellent writing skills with the ability to develop processes and communicate with a variety of stakeholders. 

  4. The ability to innovate and make connections between and across our Vendors, trends in the field, and our target customer market.

  5. Proficient in time, lead and account management.

  6. Self driven work ethic.

If this sounds like you, please send your cover letter and resume to WhiteHawk Recruiting

We hope you will join us!

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