Big Data Analyst/Developer

Reports to | CTO
Location | D.C. Metro Region

Job Purpose

As a Big Data Analyst/Developer at WhiteHawk, you will support the CTO with oversight of specific systems or applications. You will work with fellow team members to create innovative high quality solutions using your systems knowledge and expertise. You will design and model applications, develop application solutions, and integrate them with packaged applications.​

Duties and Responsibilities

As a WhiteHawk Big Data Analyst, you will…

  1. Utilize sematic web and other big data techniques to analyze and report on different trends like enterprise IT, embedded systems utility, cyber risks, emerging tools for different markets

  2. Develop solutions to proactively scan and scrape the web and build reusable analysis capability

  3. Leverage current knowledge by writing advanced analytics on Cloud-based technologies.

  4. Use your scripting and automation skills to successfully parse and format complex data sets and visualize the data.

  5. Function as a subject matter expert for updating and automating traditional analytical techniques through Cloud-based solutions or automation and scripting.

  6. Research and develop original solutions to help solve big data problems. Perform as a team player to build holistic solutions and help save time, money, and resources.

  7. Design, develop, deploy, and deliver data warehouse approaches and data repositories (terabyte scale or larger)

  8. Maintain solution and data warehouse including performance tuning

  9. Manage ongoing data processes, with specific focus on how to validate information across multiple databases. As an example: Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)


A WhiteHawk Big Data Analyst/Developer is a team player knowledgeable about modeling techniques and data mining. You will have experience and deep understanding about business intelligence and real-time analytics. You should be comfortable with various statistical applications, programming languages and databases. You are independent, with natural curiosity for finding the most interesting trends and correlations in the data.

As a Big Data Analyst with WhiteHawk you will have…

  1. A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security or related technical/engineering field *Additional 4 years of experience to substitute in lieu of a degree

  2. 2+ years of experience with data visualization with Python, D3, or other languages

  3. 2+ years of experience with trend and pattern analysis, analyzing metrics, statistical analysis, data mining, and data normalizations

  4. Knowledge of multiple programming languages, including Python, Pig, Pearl, Ruby, SQL, Java, or JavaScript

  5. Knowledge of map reduction

  6. Knowledge of automation and process improvement through programming holistic solutions

  7. Knowledge of user experience design

  8. Ability to design end-to-end solutions from databases to the visualization on top

  9. Ability to develop processes, procedures, and technical diagrams using Visio

  10. Experience with one or more of the following: Java Technologies, EAI, SOA, CEP

  11. Experience with one or more of the following: HDFS, HBase, HIVE, PIG, HADOOP Framework, HADOOP Ecosystem, Mapreduce, IBM Big Data tools, Kafka, Kibana, Elastic Search

  12. 3 or more years designing, developing, testing, deploying, delivering architecture, infrastructure and data integration/data management support environments including virtualized systems environment, Big Data databases, security, portals and entity-relationship diagrams

  13. Experience with one or more of the following: Netezza, Green Plum, Teradata, MAPR or other large scale data technologies

  14. Experience with Mappings, Workflows, and Process tools

  15. Experience working in hybrid cloud environments a plus

​If this sounds like you, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

We hope you will join us!