WhiteHawk Vendor Portfolio


If you are a CyberSecurity Vendor, WhiteHawk is your partner for qualified leads today, and your channel to future markets and online sales.

To learn more about joining the WhiteHawk Vendor portfolio, contact Advisory Services.


WhiteHawk is a matchmaker. Our goal is to stop cyber crime, fraud, and disruption in its tracks by pairing organizations with certified products and services matching their unique business needs, as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. If you have a great solution to sell online, especially to small and midsize businesses, we want to hear about it.


What are the benefits to joining the WhiteHawk portfolio?

  • You can market to new channels for free.

  • We bring qualified leads to your company via our scalable online CyberSecurity Exchange.

  • We open up new sales to companies of all sizes.

  • We enable impactful business-to-business sales connections across business sectors.

  • Through our third-party assessor, Chain Security, we certify your solution's quality and security.


How do we work with CyberSecurity companies today?

We get to know your products and services and how they map to our customer’s needs:

  • What products and services do you have in your pipeline? 

  • Who is your current market?

  • Which markets are you targeting next?

  • What products and services could be sold online to a broader market now or in the near future?

  • How can we work with you to make it all happen?


How do we engage with each of our customers?

We conduct comprehensive diagnostic interviews with each of our customers, focusing on their business sector and critical cyber pain points:

  • First, we determine how best to protect the “currency” of their business— that directly impacts their revenue and reputation.

  • We review what security and assurance measures they have in place today.

  • We enable a prioritization of where a customer should spend their next dollar.

  • And we match specific products and solutions, appropriate for their needs based upon our independent research and analysis.


How do you join the portfolio?​

  1. Contact WhiteHawk Advisory Services.

  2. We sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to protect your company's Intellectual Property.

  3. Our third-party assessor, Chain Security, will evaluate your product and service capabilities via an online self assessment approach.

  4. If there is a good fit to sell your product or service online and at scale, we both sign a Vendor Participation Contract, stipulating how we partner on the presentation and sale of your solutions to companies across the U.S. and Globally.

Worried about your cybersecurity risks?
WhiteHawk is ready to help.